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Our vision

Our goal is to make your life as a business owner easier. We create IT solutions that interact with existing systems to ensure seamless coexistence. We shape our solutions toward small and medium firms, and we offer services from website design to design of entire infrastructure.

"We have been using Tom now for a number of months and he's always extremely helpful and knowable when it comes to our IT needs. He has been invaluable in helping us set up efficient security and payment methods for our business. I would recommend Tom at consult the unicorn for all your IT needs"
Kevin Smith
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Network Design

We create safe, reliable and controllable infrastructure your business deserves. Designed for maximum performance and customised for your exact needs. From hardware to Routeing, VLANs, VPNs, QoS and Firewall configuration.


We set up a system to track, document all information being transported across your organisations’ IT systems and help decide what is required by the business and what rules will be applied to protect those important flows of traffic.

Setup & Installation

Our setup, installation and configuration services include installing operating systems, productivity software, multimedia software, drivers, security software, network and internet and also peripherals such as printer, scanner, router, mobile devices among others.


Achieving a good return on investment on your IT means means performance, functionality and readiness to scale according to your business requirements. We will show you different technology paths to remain compliant.

Server Maintenance

Physical hardware assessments to improve the longevity of your physical and virtual servers. We ensure adequate air flow and environmental requirements are met. BIOS and firmware updates, RAID drives and backup drives health checks.

Upgrade & Repair

Repair all laptops and desktop PCs regardless of make and model. We offer professional service, quick turnaround times and provide screen repair services, replacing your broken screen from stock with a genuine LCD model.

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It all began when we encountered a very special girl and her wondrous, singing “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows” sister – Keeley. Caitlin is an angel, not meaning that she descended from heaven, which she might be considering how much happiness she brought us. Caitlin was born with a genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. The way she sees the world is a lot different than our logical-cartesian-pessimistic approach to life. Caitlin can grasp the good and the joy in every particle of life. To enter Caitlin and Keeley’s world is to see it with a different, happier state of mind. It is how we would like people to perceive IT. It may seem complicated, frustrating, and alienating, but if you look at it with a different perspective, it can be interesting, understandable and fun.


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